Something New

As soon as I finally had it, I felt like a first-time mom.
Of course, having your own very first own car is nothing compared to having your own child (though how would I know? I am not there yet). I really felt that a new chapter in my life just unfolded. Before, a small red brand new car was just a part of my vision board, waiting, like my other dreams, to happen. Now, it is right in front of me, anxious to be used.

When I went inside my car, for the first time, the "new car scent" immediately filled my senses, and I wished that scent would stay in it forever. I listened intently to the instructions of my agent, like how to open or start this and that, what are the special features, when to avail of my car tint, and so on. Half of me was listening to him, while the other half was in a hurry to go back to my office, situated in front of the showroom where I purchased the car. Like the car dealer, we were also racing against time, dealing with the end of the month deadlines. Af…

The Ring

Jen and I are having our first out-of-town vacation together. As our first destination, in which we arrived early this morning, we came here to Dagupan City.

We decided to take a city tour for today. With travel blogs and our friends' experiences as our only guide, we went from one destination to another, taking cheap tricycle rides along the way. After going to the museums, we went to the Belfry Tower to light some candles to The grotto of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Only I did the lighting of the candles, as we have different beliefs. Anyway, I lit up three candles: red for love, yellow for happiness, and purple for the poor… and because it is my favorite color. After taking selfies with the image of Mama Mary, I sent a short prayer. Actually, I just showed her my heart. I didn't know what to say.

Three weeks ago I also visited her image, this time in the grotto at Willy's Rock of Boracay Island, Aklan. I was with "him." Now I am alone.

I went inside the souv…

Hitting the Books

For the third time since my college graduation, I am hitting the books – educational books that is – to really study not just to learn but to pass the dreaded assignments and exams, especially to earn a certificate or diploma, for the company I'm in. It's been more than a decade since I have earned my college degree (please, don't count my age), and even though my brain cells have been seriously functioning throughout my current job, it is nothing compared to the pressure of reading and understanding textbooks.

Two years after my graduation, I took a few units in MBA (Masters in Business Administration). College life was still fresh, and I was able to cope with the basic units. I stopped for a few years (when my mother got sick), and then she died. When I was offered to continue my studies (my expenses would be reimbursed by the company if I passed), I took it. I was then in my graduate "level" of learning that the reality of how hard MBA was started to sink in. …

Watching Pokemon Go!

My officemates and I have been taking our lunch at the nearby establishments lately, instead of the usual diner in our company building. Cellphones with Internet connection and GPS at hand, we walk as Jamie constantly watches his screen.

"Wait! There's a Pokémon, nearby!" We all usually stops as he catches the virtual creature. We either watch him swipe his finger through his cellphone screen until he catches or loses it, smile at his camera as he takes our picture with the creature before he tries to catch it, or listen to him scream in frustration because "it" got away. Before the cellphone application game finally officially launched here in the Philippines last Saturday, August 6, 2016[1], the cartoon itself was a huge hit in the country. It is an anime series that follows the adventures of the series' main protagonist, Ash Ketchum (Satochi in Japan). His own Pokémon is the most well-known Pikachu, and his friends. They go to tournaments to battle with …

Inside A Night Club

For me, this experience s worth being taken on its own, and having a feeling of “I have been there!”. But if you prefer to just settle your curiosity through reading about it here, then you are welcome to continue reading this blog. 

It was a few weeks’ long bridal shower in the making.

One of my closest officemates is going to get married in two week’s time. Following tradition, we decided to treat her (and ourselves) to a one-of-a-kind naughty bridal shower.

The accomplices: A gay, a lesbian, a girl, myself, and somehow the guy who from the start was clear that he, of course, was not coming to the naughty part. The bride wanted a “clean” bridal shower. Our gay friends insisted.

So, on her last Thursday (end of the work week for us) with us in the office, our group had our road trip to leave our comfort area of Alabang and ventured to the other side of the Metro. After a stopover midnight dinner (our shift ends at 9pm, plus overtime) at a Korean restaurant, we pooled our resources t…

The Single Woman's 30-Day Blogging Challenge Day 29

My Most Special Friend Whom I Have Never Met

I am going to skip #28 and answer "The Single Woman’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge #29: Who is your closest or most special friend that you’ve met online, via Twitter, Facebook, etc? Describe how you met and what you love about the relationship." I will do #28 next. It is just that I have the urge to write about my friend now.

I am completely missing my US Team Lead counterpart – Tina.

I had been working on my special account ever since I started as an Accounts Payable Specialist. The account was so special, compared to the rest, that I had my own procedures, I had my own additional training, and my own partner at work (who should be specializing in our account).

Initially, it was a big surprise for the management team when my team lead decided to put me there. I had left an impression on the trainers that I was not serious about my work, because I tended to be “loud” or talkative in trainings. But my team lead saw me differently and bel…

The Colors of Love

I have a friend a few years ago who shared with me his trouble with his relationship at that time. As if the complication of having a same-sex affair is not enough, his boyfriend also has a girlfriend, and they have been together for a few years. My friend came in the picture only a few months back.
The relationship has the signs of a “secret affair”. They don’t have pictures together online, because the girl will obviously get hurt. There are days where the guy is not available for him, because he is with his girlfriend, and he prioritizes her over him. And so on.

No matter how hard he tries to leave the relationship, according to him, he just keeps coming back to the guy.

I was already feeling outraged by the situation when he said, “Well, I am just a part of the gay community. I have no right to be happy. This relationship is the closest thing I can get.”

With that statement I wanted to blow the top of my head. That thinking was so wrong in so many levels.

The LGBT community is a …