Something New

As soon as I finally had it, I felt like a first-time mom.

Of course, having your own very first own car is nothing compared to having your own child (though how would I know? I am not there yet). I really felt that a new chapter in my life just unfolded. Before, a small red brand new car was just a part of my vision board, waiting, like my other dreams, to happen. Now, it is right in front of me, anxious to be used.

When I went inside my car, for the first time, the "new car scent" immediately filled my senses, and I wished that scent would stay in it forever. I listened intently to the instructions of my agent, like how to open or start this and that, what are the special features, when to avail of my car tint, and so on. Half of me was listening to him, while the other half was in a hurry to go back to my office, situated in front of the showroom where I purchased the car. Like the car dealer, we were also racing against time, dealing with the end of the month deadlines. After a few minutes, past 7 pm, I took the car, and had my very first parking ticket.

Wii (my car, which name I "borrowed" from my cousin’s son’s nickname), and I got home the morning the next day. I didn’t have to worry so much about the adjustment of driving again after so many years as the road was almost still free from traffic. That is what going home at 5 in the morning looks like.

All those times that I told myself, my family and my friends, to "just wait until I have my own car" came rushing back to me: Those days I stood and waited for more than 15 minutes just to get a ride, those 3 am travels to go home when I did overtime, those times I couldn’t easily take my grandmother (on a wheelchair) and/or my three year old nephew anywhere, or when Uber rides would cost unbelievably high due to time and demand and we would rather take our baggage through cheaper transportation.

Finally, they’re things of the past.

But this new life I am in is not all fun and games. “With great power comes great responsibility,” as Spiderman’s uncle says. With this car, I hold the responsibility of careful driving, not just for myself, but for my passengers, for everyone around me, and for my car. I take charge of its cleanliness and maintenance, the second of which I am just starting to learn about. I have started purchasing a few accessories, and of course, paying for parking and gas.

I had Wii blessed that weekend, and I pray every time I drive.

Did I mention my savings have been radically depleted, and my budget for the next five years have changed dramatically? Having this financial change is also a big challenge, given that it is the Christmas season.

This is why I feel that, financially, it is as if I have just given birth.

My savings may be crying but my heart at least is filled with joy. At least my hard-earned money does not just go to bills (and a few investments). It is now something that I am enjoying.

Robert Kiyosaki says that buying a car is not an investment, financially speaking. Unless I will use it to earn more money (which I don’t intend to as of now), it is actually an expense. But in my heart, the time is right. I have done this while I am still single, as my priorities will change once I have my own family, while I am regularly employed (good for credit rating), after receiving my 13th month pay, and when the price is very low (Quarter 4 of every year). Honestly, I didn’t expect to have this this car. I am just grateful to the Lord that He have helped me make it happen… now.

December 8, 2016
Wii’s Birthday: November 29, 2016


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